Grand Prix d'Auteur 2008, Belgique

Katarína Souto Mera came 3rd in the Grand prix d'auteur 2008 photo competition and was awarded Mention for her portfolio Flowers.

The portfolio was published in the Images magazine N°58/2008 pages 36-38.

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(December 2008)

Click to view portfolio FLOWERS - 3rd in Grand Prix d'Auteur 2008, Belgique Click to view portfolio FLOWERS - 3rd in Grand Prix d'Auteur 2008, Belgique

Announces Winners of the 2008 Competition

Katarina Souto Bartkova of Belgium was awarded Honorable mention in the 2008 International Photography Awards Competition in Nature in non-professional category for her entry, "Cala".

You can read more about this on my BLOG.

CALA - IPA 2008 Honorable mention

Venice International Photo Contest 2007

The picture - Flying over my head - got the 7th place in the Nature Division - Nature and Wild.

The photograph was taken in Galicia, Spain on my favourite beach A Lanzada with a Kodak disposable camera. Originally in colour it was scanned and colour removed, dodged and burned and cropped.

The photogrhaph is part of my portfolio called Galicia Terra Unica, which is still exhibited in restaurat Hotel Europa in Brussels. You can see the rest of the portfolio scattered through the galleries on this website.

7th place in Venice International Photo Contest - Flying over my head


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I have prepared for you a brand new calendar for 2008 with images of Spain (Galicia and Asturias) and text in Spanish. Everything - the photographs, design, printing and final presentation - is done by myself.

The calendar is printed on A4 paper, has 13 pages (cover + 12 months), a transparent paper at the beginning, hard black paper at the back and it is wire bonded. There is a hole to hang it on the wall.

The cost is 30€ 20€ + shipment.

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail with your order.

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Announces Winners of the 2007 Competition

Katarína Bartková of Belgium was Awarded:

Los Angeles, California, October 1, 2007

Please, click here for press release about Katarína Bartková regarding Architecture category.

Please, click here for press release about Katarína Bartková regarding Nature category.

Honorable Mention, IPA Competition


In the framework of the F.C.P. project

- Photographic Discovery -

I am having an exhibition of my portfolio

Bohémiens en République Slovaque
(Gypsies in Slovakia

in the
Maison de la Culture D'Arlon

4 December 2007 - 8. January 2007

Please, click here to read the article (in French) in Image magazine No°52/2007, page 16 about my exhibition.

Gypsies in Slovakia - Exposition in Arlonm Belgium

Winner Image of the week on Choose-film

This photo got the most votes in the contest during one week in May 2007.

The image was taken in Slovakia, Pribylina. It is an open air museum of a typical Slovak village from last century. Worth to pay a visit.

www.choose-film.com is the site dedicated to photography conceived on film, where when registered, you can upload your images and vote and get votes.


Permanent exhibition - Voile levé sur Paris

Portfolio consists of 10 black and white photographs showing the Paris in a mysterious way, presenting the well known touristic attractions differently.
All the photographs are for sale, please contact me for more details.

The exhibition is in:

Drevená 10
Bratislava, Slovak Republic

See the commercial spot running in the café

Click on the image on the right to see all the images Voile levé sur Paris.

Paris Exposition

Exhibition - Galicia Terra Unica

From November 2006 until July, I had my photographs exposed in a Galician restaurant in Brussels, Belgium. The portfolio consists of various photographs taken in Galicia, Spain between 2004 and 2006.
All the photographs are for sale, please, contact me for more details.


Fri-Sat 12:00-16:00; 18:00-24:00
Sun 12:00-18:00

Hostal - Restaurante EUROPA
Boulevard du Midi 84
1000 Bruxelles


Galicia exposition

Magazine article

full article - PDF

Images N°45/2006, Photographic Discovery
Katarína Bartková - Bohémiens en République slovaque

Photographs from serie Gypsies in Slovakia taken during photography workshop organised by House of Photography in Poprad in 2003 under the leadership of the well known Slovak photographer Tibor Huszár.

Photographs were part of a joint exhibition in the gallery in Liptovský Mikuláš, together with the photographs of other participants.

In October 2005 these photographs were part of a joint exhibition organised by Brussels Miroir Photoclub in Centre culturel de Jette, Bruxelles.

In 2006 this serie picturing life of Gypsies in north-east Slovakia was rewarded by Fédération des cercles photographiques with Mention in the competition Grand prix d'auteur 2006.

In 2007 exhibition in Arlon (see above)